Teaching for Math & Science


Are you in need of math & science full-time or substitute teachers?

Teaching for Math & Science (TfMS) recognizes the shortage of math and science teachers, instructors who value culturally-responsive pedagogy, and use their classroom for research that informs their practice. 

Teacher Recruitment

TfMS places high-achieving university juniors/seniors already in math and science fields (with a 3.0 major GPA) to serve as PreK-12 substitutes teachers while in school, then transition as career teachers upon graduation.  

Teacher Placement

TfMS also means to teach for the love of pedagogy, the subject matter, and classroom action research.  FTEs start their first year of teaching with ample classroom experience as they had previously served as substitute teachers.  

Teacher Resource Sharing

Through our service, schools can offer competitive salaries by sharing resources for full time employees (FTEs). 

Teacher Training

FTEs are trained on the Singapore Math Curriculum and are encouraged to establish an area of teaching expertise, so they can meet regularly with their counterparts for Japanese Lesson Study. 

Teacher Evaluation

We are taking a different approach to teacher evaluation by seeing our teachers as creators of knowledge. Although there will be a personalized system that looks at student feedback and administrative observations, a substantive portion of our evaluation will be based on the knowledge our teachers create as researchers of, and in their own classroom.