Inspired Learning for Work & Life


Are you searching for a fulfilling career path, a job, a business idea, or higher education options?

Inspired Learning for Work & Life provides personalized and one-on-one coaching to help adults, middle- and high-schoolers, or college students discover their passion and skills set to  make more effective choices for work and life.  

Personalized Assessments

We assess each person's aptitude and interests to provide personalized information on strengths and areas of improvement for school, work, and social life. We also provide information on possible career paths to explore, the current and future demand for those fields, and potential salaries based on geographical location.


Resume Critique and Job Search Analysis

We evaluate your job search approach and give you suggestions to help you achieve your desired results. We critique your resume and give you feedback on areas to revise and how to tailor your resume to your job search. 

Copy Editing for Students & Professionals

Our editing portfolio includes but is not limited to technical reports, college or graduate school admission essays, proposals, dissertations, books, and more. We are confident in our editing skills and gladly share some tips to help you become your own editor. We can also walk you through the pre-writing phase of your work by asking thought-provoking questions to structure your argument and draft your outline. 

College & Graduate School Admissions

We provide end-to-end services for college, graduate and professional school admissions, enrollment, and graduation. Contact us today!

End-to-End Business Start-up, Launch, & Management Consulting

We provide end-to-end services to help you start your business and stay relevant in the market. We can help you to think through your business ideas, identify your niche and target market; build a brand and a customer base; and provide periodic management consulting support to evaluate your processes .